M-line Travel Distillery Tours

Scotland has over 120 whisky distilleries and our national tipple is responsible for over 80% of the Scottish food and drink export market.

Many of these whisky distilleries have become main tourist attractions by opening up cafes, visitor centres and offering various levels of tours and tastings.

Let M-line Travel be your designated driver on your next distillery tour to allow all of your passengers to participate in the tastings of a WEE DRAM or two.

Distillery tours from M-line Travel can pick you up at any point within Ayrshire and take you to any of the listed whisky distilleries, where you can see the process and sample the finest produce.

For best travel prices we suggest groups of between 8 and 16 persons.

Since each whisky distillery offers a different range of tours and tastings, it is up to the group organiser to book and pay for the level of tour that the group want.

You can click on the links to see some websites of our suggested distillery tours and see what levels of tours and tastings are on offer.